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Use our advanced data models that predict optimal home-selling times. Our scoring system analyzes 150+ data points, considerably boosting the chance of a desirable result.

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Data Lists

Efficiently market to a select audience, saving time and money, while enjoying a higher ROI with our focused leads. Gain a substantial edge with exclusive access to databases previously unavailable to the public at such affordable rates, providing a significant advantage over competitors. Choose filters such as vacant, high equity, 60+, low income, and low credit.

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Skip Tracing

Append additional data to your leads list efficiently with our skip-tracing, maximizing your data’s contact rate. Leverage our vast resources: 175MM landlines, 250MM cell phones, and 150MM email addresses to enhance your lead lists with premium homeowner data.

Why Choose Freedom Dale?

100% Match Rate lists

Enhance your lists with cell phone, landline, and email options. Skip the tracing hassle and start your marketing efforts instantly!

Nationwide Data

Our extensive database covers 99% of all American homes. For property or homeowner contact info anywhere in the US, we’re your all-in-one solution!

Focus on sales, not issues

Count on our exceptional Support team to assist in growing your business and ensuring your success.

Constantly Updated Leads

In a world where people frequently relocate and update contact information, our unique advantage lies in owning, not reselling, all the data we warehouse. Regular updates ensure its accuracy.

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Dive into Real Estate Leads with confidence, guided by the precision of Predictive Data.