How Dustin DeFrates Is Helping Real Estate Professionals To Close More Deals With Geopoint Data And The Call Gurus

Many industries have had to evolve as competition & technology change the world around us. Successful real estate practitioners have had to adapt new tools to grow and scale. Especially when it comes to data collection that targets homeseller audiences professionals are looking to serve with their offer to list or purchase a property.

This problem of adapting to the new age of technology is exactly what Dustin DeFrates tackles by providing hyper-targeted lead generation & marketing services through Geopoint Data and The Call Gurus. After over two decades of working in the real estate industry flipping hundreds of houses, Dustin decided to focus on creating these two businesses which will help many real estate investors & Realtors looking to establish or scale a meaningful presence in their local market.

“I was born and raised in Chicago, where I got the real estate bug early, at just 6 years old while painting the front porch of one of our rental homes. I re-discovered real estate as a freshman at Marquette University in Milwaukee while at an internship. I then transferred to the University of Illinois business school for a finance degree with a specialization in commercial real estate.” Dustin says.

In 2003, Dustin moved to Scottsdale, Arizona anticipating a residential market boom, he was right. He flipped hundreds of houses and to date has built 77 apartments, condos and single family homes. He also predicted the market crash back in 2006, and was able to drop out and pull all his partner’s capital from the market prior to the Great Recession.

“I became a licensed realtor in 2008 and ended up negotiating over 140 short sales saving homeowners from foreclosure. Between 2010 and 2012, I bought 100 of the best home value add opportunities in all of the Phoenix Metropolitan area, and with the help of his brother, I was able to remodel them all.” Dustin recalls.

Today, Dustin runs The Defrates Group, a managing equity partner in five family office portfolios with a market valuation of 17MM, and is on a mission to own a one-thousand eight hundred through rolling his portfolio and bringing on new and exciting partnerships. After stabilizing a brokerage, his construction and property management services and his unique approach to reverse 1031 exchanges in rolling value add residential assets, DeFrates co-founded Geopoint Data and The Call Gurus.

Geopoint Data is one of the leading homeowner data aggregators out there. They warehouse the purchase and sale records of over a hundred million residential homes across the US, as well as over 380 million cell phones, landlines and email addresses. With this information, they are able to tell whether a property is vacant or occupied. They also know the property’s characteristics and sale information, along with a rich array of demographics on the homeowner including: age, kids’ age, income, net worth, empty nesters, senior in household, senior with two stories, syndicated consumer credit score and much more.

“We stack that data on top of itself to help narrow a target audience of homeowners most likely to sell their home. We also append over 170 traits related to homeowners across the US, especially relating to the three D’s: Death, Divorce & Dissolution, upward or downward trajectory in life circumstance (and so many more) to determine which homeowners across the US are likely associated with physical, financial or familial distress.” Dustin explains.

Using national data systems, algorithms, omni-channel communication system and a contact center in the Silicon Valley of Mexico (Guadalajara), Dustin and his team have the unique ability to uncover off-market opportunities across the US utilizing the specialized services of Geopoint Data.

On the other hand, The Call Gurus provide specialized lead generation, qualification & customer management services, enhancing our client’s sales cycle by maintaining interactions with their customers as our client focuses on growth in their personal lives and scale in their business.

With all of this, Dustin has revolutionized the way local real estate business is done–by being able to assist his clients by providing their customers with scaled operational services that many so-called big-dollar Wall Street “real estate disruptors” use to attempt control of local real estate markets. Dustin is looking to bring operational infrastructure to local real estate investors & Realtors by providing creative and innovative solutions.

“Geopoint Data and The Call Gurus are the necessary evolution from local business practices. Local businesses have to use the same cutting edge data and communication technology all the national companies use. I decided it was time to prioritize the collection of homeowner data and put the very best communication tools in our real estate professional’s hands. I want to help people build-out a turnkey real estate business using the resources I used to grow my business.”

DeFrates states. Dustin is 1,001% committed to providing his clients industry-leading value and data, lead generation, qualification & communication services in the real estate space. His passion is improving on infrastructure & products his real estate investor & Realtor clients must employ to compete in their real estate business.

To find out more about Dustin DeFrates’ innovative and specialized services, as well as about his return on investment in his real estate portfolio, go here.